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Founder of the business, Ray Willis, holds an undergraduate degree in Electronic Engineering Technology from Colorado Technical University and a Master of Business Administration from Oklahoma State University; graduating with honors, Summa Cum Laude.  Ray grew up with a family highly connected to the construction trades before entering the high-technology field.  Working with his father's HVAC business, Ray gained extensive knowledge regarding sheet metal layout, as well as furnaces and air conditioning for residential properties.  Working with other family members, he learned plumbing, electrical, carpentry, concrete and tile.  Entering the high technology field, he worked 30+ years starting as a production support technician and finishing his career as a Director of Research and Development.  When the economy crashed in 2008, Ray continued in his high-tech career until 2011 when he developed Handyman Pro, with a dream of a new career utilizing his experience and education in the home repair/remodel business.

Handyman Pro, LLC was founded January of 2011, in Edmond, Oklahoma.   

Since inception, the business has accumulated revenues of over $3.9 million in its 10 years of operation.  Growing over 1200% from its first year of operation, the business has flourished by good, old-fashioned, word-of-mouth advertising. What was once a one-man-show is now a team of 8 highly dedicated men and women. Handyman Pro prides itself on customer satisfaction and superior craftsmanship; something that can be hard to come by in the handyman field today, and we firmly believe our quality work stands out amongst the crowd. 

Ray’s experience in the high technology field, including research and development, brings a uniquely experienced and educated eye to home repair.  Working with customers to find cost effective solutions with full functionality is the way we do business. Our team of technicians are not your average handymen carrying around hammers and saws. Each of them bring individual skills, ideas, qualities and knowledge to your projects. Our office staff works hard helping hundreds of customers communicate their wants and needs, as well as answering and responding to all questions and concerns they may have.

Locating high quality materials is a science/art of its own.  We spend hours, weekly, researching vendors to locate the right materials for countless repairs.  The searches are not just local suppliers, as we use local and national suppliers to locate and procure our supplies to ensure you're getting the best product at the best price.  Unlike utility companies with lengthy appointment windows requiring you to cancel half your day, we strive to hit appointment times within the hour. Our industry can be full of surprises, so it's not always possible to meet an exact time, but we aim to contact our clients promptly, should we encounter any difficulties meeting your scheduled time.
Our office staff also works with property managers, scheduling with tenants, directly, and promptly informs property managers of scheduled times. 
We use a highly efficient electronic system for quotes, which are emailed to you and signed electronically to save time and paper! This system also maintainsul a full service history of our work, should any follow-up work be necessary. This system tracks materials, prices, technicians involved, hours worked, photos of work, invoices sent and payments received.  

Our techs continually update and improve knowledge and skills under management's direction.  We bring back from our work lessons learned and share among the team in daily meetings.  A secret to success in this business is having the right tools and materials when you arrive.  Our trucks are fully equipped with tools to get the job done.  The business has re-invested $7,500 a year into tools and equipment for field operation.  We continually look and find the best tools for the jobs we do to fully equip our field techs.  We continually watch for new products that bring value and/or function to the customer as well.  We also attend National Conventions to see new building products available in the industry.
When it comes to jobs in need of licensed experts, as required by law, we have an extensive list of loyally partnered subcontractors to help make your home renovation dreams come true.
In summary, we do our due diligence to be a trustworthy, dependable resource for all your handyman and remodeling needs. We can't wait to serve you!

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